Its Time To Say No To Violence against Women in Indian Serials


I am from India,
when i was a child I was a big fan of television serials but when i grow up i started to hate them not because of the story line but only because of the violence and terror against women.

The weird fact is that in india domestic violence and brutality is a very important factor in every story. And the whole story turns around a girl who is poor and speechless who is ready to suffer everything.

I am big fan of serials from Europe which shows proud womens and they highlight women empowerment in every serial. In an english serial i never seen a man slaps a women. But do you know indian serials are filled with domestic violence and physical cruelty against poor womens
Even after the Rape Cases happened in the New Delhi , no ones ready to avoid this kind of scenes or dialogues.

When will we learn?

India is a famous for its culture and hospitality to foreigners ,i can’t believe people who live here support this kind of Violence in the serials.
Actually these serials are big hits and thats why channels continues to show case these serials.

Nobody is bothered about the effect these serials make on our younger generation. Still women displayed as a slave who dominated by man and their mother in laws,

How can we fight against this?

Say no to your family members that watching violence against women isn’t okay. And teach atleast younger generation that how to be a proud women. And react against domestic vioence. All verbal and physical abuses by anybody even your husband is domestic violence which is a crime .

Create New stories…

We need new story lines in serials. Which empower womens not domestic vioence and everyone wants new generation trend in serials tpp as well as cinema.

Make Strict Censorship…

Domestic violence and brutality against any human being by physical or verbal acts should be censored.

We are responsible to make a new culture in indian serials every media person should support new directors and writers
And i hope this will make a powerful girl generation in our country.
Thank you guys..

I expect your valuable comments

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  1. Bovasjohn says:

    Please add your comments


  2. elaine says:

    i do agree with u, there should be strong censorship needed against these tv shows in our country.

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