Worst Commercial In India By Allu Arjun and it’s Effect on Young Generation


Everyday we see alot of commercial’s in Television some of them are just boring and some of them are aiming some special audience for the marketing of the product. And the third category of ad’s are very sensitive and dangerous they market the product’s with some hidden agendas and mis interpret the culture and life style of generation.

These campaigns have the power to change the mindset of the common people and mis guide them, at the same time it sells the product.

And let me come to the topic.

Recently Tollywood star Allu Arjun appeared in a commercial for Hero motorcycle it shows Allu wear a helmet and ride bikeĀ  some womens running behind him by leaving their boy griends and a women leaving her marriage ceremony to chase the rider. And the worst part is the Poor lyrics in which a girl sing that
I broke up and changed the”Status” to single suddenly.(by seeing the rider) And you put the break and we fell in love . And the womens chase ending by
knowing that the rider was allu and all the womens took a selfie with him. And shows hero logo

What it really shows?

The ad only shows that girls mind could be easily influenced by some bike or other silly things?
Or all these women s enjoying all the mischiefs of Boys.

Is todays relationship is based on a motorcycle and a selfie and could be easily changed to
“single” and run behind some other guy

Dear Director,

We are living in a country in which all our womens are suffered by these bloody and fashionable ( thats what media shows) and sometimes cruel mischievous behaviour of Boys.

And you peole still believes that women enjoy all these and a womens love is worth a Bike, glamorous guy and a selfie?.

This is what everyday our super stars like Allu and whole media try to show case to the younger generation s especially Boys. And they apply it in real life like super speed bike races and all those acts which showed by their super stars and when it denied from a girl they become desperate and the rage leads to incidents like Acid attacks and so on..

When will we learn?

The number of rapes and violence against women are increasing day by and who will teach this young generation that a women is not a toy for their selfish interests or a show piece to place behind a motor cycle to show the public that he won something. Same time womens should also fight against the real morality and the dangerous culture todays media promotes.
This commercial is just a single example alot of ads for Body sprays and other products showing the same marketing strategies.

What we can do?

Show your voice against this kind of publicity stunts and find the real truth behind the so called media celebrations. And teach the young generation who a real women is and how to really get her love.

Thanks For Reading…
please add your comments below


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