India’s Loss In Cricket Worldcup and Fail of a Pathetic Hashtag #Won’tGiveItBack


Another Worldcup Semi Final is over. And today india lost the game by 95 Runs, we lost the world cup after two consecutive victories.
its a very sad moment ,and i think its better to review what happened all these months in our media.
This worldcup was the first one with heavy use of social media. And various campaigns were goin on in twitter even the twitter itself showing live results and match commentary by live tweets.
social medias were filled with lots of campaigns and slogans against opposite team players and country s as well.

And one of the stupid and most commented Hashtag was #Won’tGiveItBack and it went viral and the campaign was lead by Star Sports and followed by many indian youths. And what the campaign was ” we indians won’t give the world cup” back because its ours its been two years that we keeping this asset so don’t dare to touch our cup (LOL).

And finally everything is over by 95 runs, and now everyone is blaming Anushka Sharma for disturbing Virat Kohli the Team Member.

Is this our over confidence and hype make us lose the game?

Hashtags campaigns or Anushka Sharma which Is the reason of our failure.?
Well both are not..its the hardwork of the team players and moreover luck decides who is the real winner of a match.

Whats the effect ?
cheap campaigns like this and abusive comments against opposite team players make our country shameful in the eye of the whole world.

Cricket is only a game like any other game, the result in which is decided by the hardwork of team members. And the game result won’t change even if the whole nation cry and scream Like” We Wont Give it Back”

Its Only shows others that we are immature and how narrow minded our country people are

What Really Happens?

Channel Monsters , and media wants the youth to follow them by anyhow and get maximum viewers for their matches and only they will get maximum TRP rating and money for every over.

They are ready to make any cheap slogan a viral one and they dont care about the reputation of a country and the poor young people blindly follows and think oh this is true.. They r saying.
We won’t give anything if it is ours for two years.

What Really Happened?

All the campaigning , hype, over confidence is finally over and others snatch the cup from our hands by their hardwork yes thats what sports really is..

I hope we will learn from our mistakes and comeback as a big team on the next worldcup..

Thanks for reading..
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  1. Diehard Cskian says:

    World cup after 2years and wrong way pf excitement 😦
    Then why germans, English, brazilians cry after their wc loses in football, Olympics wtc… Its the power of sports. People who interested in games can never be cool in these situations.
    And you said that this team didn’t work hard, I have only one thing to say your knowledge in sports is very poor 😦 and after reading this article the readers will get it that you are not a sports analyst 😀

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  2. Bovas John says:

    Dear die hard csk ien..
    I m not a sports analyist or anything. I just want to point out un necessary campaigns . These campaigns leads people crazy and try to understand media People have hidden propaganda behind all this actions. They want maximum viewers and they mix the national love with sports and try to show it as cool. We have alot of other games and why only cricket getting this much atention. Because chanels need to market their products they will do anything for it and try to corrupt young peoples mind. We have to channel out the young peoples smartness for the growth of a nation. why nobody interested in that ?because media want to support anything to sell products ultimate goal is not love to the nation but for Marketing.

    And I love to add that i love cricket like any other indian. And see it as a sports a cricket failure is not a national disaster
    I’m looking forward to see my nations best performance.

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  3. I totally agree with your views.

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