Is The Original Sin a Survival Technique By Religion?/ Or How to make a Religion


I’ve always wondered why we belong to one religion, what make us a believer in god the supreme being and how these religions survive very strongly even if thousands of intellectuals and philosophers try to prove there isn’t any god.

And after a long study i realized that its the thought of sin and fear of god which ties us toward the religion. Most of the religions teach about sin is that its what take us away from god and they teach how to live without sin because god hates it . Only way is to be saved your life from sin is trust in god or obey the set of rules which given by the officials from the religion ,every religions have its on set of rules and those are secured by the walls of mystery or given to human by god word by word.

How to live sin free?

This is a very funny thought. Have you ever thought of living completely without sins . It isn’t possible right? If it is possible you must be a saint or something(no disrespect to saints) .

The question is how a common man could live without sins. Is it possible?  all of our negetives which considered as sins are not done by us it was by our heart. all of  the god hated feelings like jealousy,greedy,selfishness and even sexual attractions which condemened by religions are just natural and these are some plays of our mind some of them are in our nature and  others are our deepest secrets and passions.

These feelings are not bad these are some of our in built functions thats how a man or any animal in this universe lives.

So in terms of a religion we are all sinners in every day every minute from birth to death We all are equally sinners in gods eye and thats called original sin by some religions.

How to survive as a religious system?

For the survival of religion everyone should be equally sinners then only we will feel the need of a god and liberation from the sin. So they teach us the original sin part and teach the truth that god loves who never do sin. And that is not possible at all by a common human being so every devotee will belong to the teachings of a religion by trying for their ultimate liberation from birth to death.
And the peoples behind the curtain always try to hide the real truth and  show case a person who try to question the tradition and beliefs as a blasphemy.

How a religion shape our society?

I am not against any particular religion religions give us a social order and teach everyone some good values
It teaches how to supress the natural feelings and act like a person who acceptable to the society, or what tradition teaches .so the feelings or acts which hated by religions are not actual sins these are the real heart of any man and thats what religions supress it by calling sins and the real problem is by using these weapons religions brainwash the mindset of a common man into narrow one and in many cases  thats make him hate all other gods or religions or deny their existence.

What should be our real Religion?

In my point every religion’s ultimate goal is to create a social order by supressing the real self of a man and call it as sin.

Is the love towards human or love towards god which is more valuable?

Consider a person who does not belong to any religion but he is a man who is helpful , open minded and he love and respect other human beings or consider another man who love un-seen god ultimately ,a regular believer and follow all the set of rules given by his god, but does not love his fellow people or understands them. Now tell me who shows the real path of spirituality and love

I believe Love is the only ultimate religion thats what make any man acceptable and he shows himself as a god by his inner beauty which is more above than any other existing religious system.

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