Cry of a Brownish Girl/ Tragic Extinction of Black Womens from Indian Media?


I Am An Indian, i proud myself and my skin colour is Brown. Its a statement of my Pride , My life

And its a story of an invasion not british people but an invasion of beauty from the west.

India is very famous for its diversity in its culture, lands , beliefs and for beautiful womens also. And Who defines the beauty, us or media which surrounds us?

Yes ,obviously its the Media what creates or nurture the language of beauty around us, after the arrival of visual media the beauty of womens in india represented very clearly to the world and we consider the Bollywood as a pure representation of indian beauty concept ,70s and 80s were a celebration of brown skin and white skin tone.

In a country like india where more than 60 percentage of People are with brownish skin tone had alot of hope in actresses like Rekha and Nandita Das to represent their beauty in Cinema.

Since the beginning of 90s Globalization has shake the beauty market ,various international products has started to sell their products in india and the fact is that at the same time most of the major parts in our country was ready for a colour television era. New beauty concepts are adopted from west the same time competition between companies created a new concept in indian soil and it was a Langugae of beauty in white skin.

In every advertisement in india they downgraded the brown and black color, they imported young white womens and they cunningly choose male and female models from india with white skin these companies sponsored beauty paegents and choose Beautiful white womens from india and crowned them.
So by their hidden agendas peoples started thinking that getting a white skin is great still the same story continuing really well…
Beauty products are not trying to promote beauty or a healthy skin all they want is to turn white into black they blindly glorify the white womens and the media is silent all the time against this issue because these companies are the sponsors of channels and beauty paegents.

Dear fellow indians
Have you ever think what happened to these brownish and black girls in india?

Are we became blind by these lies that feed by these Beauty Companies?

When was the last time you saw a dark coloured women in a commercial for any product for women in india?

Where are beautiful brownish/black actresses in cinema? Are they rejected by the directors

Its a very serious issue..
Here i am not standing for any particular skin color, i believe beauty is not something defined by color. But supressing the beauty concept and skin color of 60 % womens in a nation is not acceptable, i believe its a crime sponsored by international companies.

Domination of media by a particular beauty measurement is not something which needs to be promoted, its against the women in our country.

Whats the condition in europe?


(lupita nyongo featuring in an ad)
The situation is entirely different in european countries beauty products available for different type of skin colors.
Models and actresses featuring in commercials have both types of skin colors. In western countries different colors are fashion statements they show it proudly.
Beautiful brown or black womens are esssential factors in fashion shows.

Solutions.. For Us

We Need Representations of beautiful womens in media, both white and black and we need beauty products for all types of skin colours not for a single one,
Dear Womens,
Show your beauty proudly not hide behind the curtain because you are not fit with what the media follows, because media are controlled by international giants they tells lie to us. And these sponsored beauty paegents and cinemas are not a final word of beauty..
Lets create a balanced beauty culture for all Peoples..


These Racism have serious consequences in our society, recently one couple from india went to met a skin specialist (my friend) and asked their beautician is there any treatment for their Brown skin of new born baby.
They considered it as a disease something which needs to be treated to get their social status..
(Its a Real incident)
Nothing More to say…

Plz Add Your Comments..


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