Saritha S Nair : Story Of a Successful P.R Woman and Kerala’s Biggest #SolarScam


Who is Saritha S Nair ?,

She is one of the most searched women on internet in Kerala for the past year, due to her Part in Kerala’s Biggest and Most Controversial Scam #SolarScam and her Top shared scandalous video in Social Media (Which is denied by her ).

The Incident

The Team Solar Energy Company (Team Solar), floated by the main accused Biju Radhakrishnan and Saritha. S. Nair, directors of the company, allegedly collected advance amounts from large number of people and investors by offering to make them business partners, or in the guise of installing alternate sources of energy and failed to deliver the goods. The company awarded a “Virgin Earth Golden Feather Environment Award” to several prominent people of Kerala to gain media coverage and credibility.     The scam came to light when one of the customers who had paid for the installation filed a case against the company. The arrangement has defrauded several agencies and people to the tune of crores of rupees and at least one lady actor was used as “brand ambassador” to lure gullible people.

Apart all of this Who Was Saritha?

A Very powerful and Influential
P.R Woman who have very strong contacts with one of the Biggest and ruling political party and film industry in Kerala.

Her connections were with various Cabinet Ministers, M.P’s , M.L.A s and even with small and super stars in Film Industry. Her strong relations Helped her to attract wide media coverage and credibility .
Her P.R Skills Was very Tactic though she failed to continue the initial success in Kerala.
Later she was arrested and questioned to find the real truths behind the Scam.

After Two Years of Scam ….

Saritha S Nair, is a television personality and social media presence in kerala she appeared in Magazine covers and various Television Programs, and she also acted small roles in Malayalam Cinema. And alot of peoples are posting selfies with her in social media.

She Came to Prominence in media again after the relese of Her Letter by a News Channel in 2015 April ,which is written by her during the days in Jail, which is considered as one of the major secret document about solar scam, and it contains names of Many Politicians in U.D.F and Stars In Film Industry.

The Genuineness of the revealed letter is denied by her but she showed the original letter to the media during a press confference and which is captured by cameras and later exposed that it contain the names of various politicians in Kerala and even some medias reports that she is abused and Used Sexually by Some Investors to Stay in the Project.

Saritha did not Denied the existence of the Letter but she denied most of the names and facts found by media and she said that the media mis interpret the Letter. still the mystery behind the letter is un solved and she told media that it is kept inside locker in her native place.

Sarithas letter is believed to be a night mare to the government and people believes that she is under heavy political pressure to not to reveal the letter or she is scared by the consequences of it.

Saritha’s Story and Solar Scam bring alot of questions to the peoples mind in genuineness of judiciary or how An accused women get treated in Media.

The whole solar case is believed to be the failure of our judicial system the recent controversy of her letter atleast revealed the Names of Big Fishes in industry and it revealed by the support of various Medias In kerala. Various news channels revealed that there is alot of hidden truths in the case and many famous ploticians and advocates like Mr.Jayashankar challenged that they have evidence which questions the genuineness of Judicial System.

Saritha’s story is nothing different than any other accused women. Media is alot of helpful though it portrays the accused peoples as biggest criminals and hides rest of the criminals who are V.I.P’s or Stars behind the curtain . And these peoples are sometimes scared by the consequences or sometimes they are under various influences like money or power .

The real truth behind the Solar Scam is still not revealed , anyway Saritha Nair faced alot of hate from various social media platforms like twitter and Facebook. Peoples are trying to consider her as the only reason a behind the scam and the Moral policing by media and peoples make us forget the names of the
V.V.I.P s and also the names of men who used her talent and beauty for their selfish needs.

Her whole talent and P.R skills was used for a very bad intention and purpose and The powerful Politicians used a women as a curtain to wash their hands and look good in the eyes of media.

Today’s Media help us to find alot of hidden truths in our society but we don’t have any right to treat accused persons as criminals, just think that even our ministers are accused in various case but we still vote for them.

We need a powerful judiciary system and Media which could not be influenced by any external forces both of them has to be above the interests of political parties and religions .People still have faith in Truth and Justice. So i hope we could together make our nation a better place

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