Twitter: How To Kill Social Spam and Clean Your Twitter Timeline


Twitter is One of the most used Microblogging/ Social Networking site on our planet.
Millions of people send tweets about various things like Their Expressions, Daily Life, Pictures or they Chat With Celebrities around the world everyday.

When we start an account on twitter everyone is confused Who to follow or What to do with it and after some casual Followings and Followbacks we get alot of followers automatically.
Some people are crazy to increase their number of followers and they followback each and every people who follows us.

After a few days we will understand that we lost in twitter and our timeline is filled with nothing but some junks including
Un wanted tweets and mostly Re-tweets about Shopping sites , Apps Download Links, Or Hashtags like #TeamFollowBack to get more followers on twitter and other social networking sites.
all these junk and spam has been a big headache to websites on internet and in social networking sites it is called #SocialSpam.

Social spam is unwanted spam content appearing on social networks and any website with user-generated content (comments, chat, etc.). It can be manifested in many ways, including bulk messages, Ads,
profanity, insults , hate speech , malicious links, fraudulent reviews, fake followers

Over 90% of twitter users have experienced social spam in some form. Those doing the “spamming” can be automated spambots , fake accounts, or real people.

Social spam is on the rise, with analysts reporting over a tripling of social spam activity in six months.It is estimated that up to 40% of all social user accounts are fake, depending on the site

tweets and hashtags asking to e.g. “show your support” or “vote” are used to gather number of followers which is a common spamming seen on twitter.


How To Kill Spam ?

Spammers are finding new ways to fool the users and there are alot of tricks to get more and more followers for them.
The reason behind spam is that they get paid for maximum tweets and number followers by websites or other promotional companies.

The funny fact is that this spam accounts have thousands of followers so it make them looks genuine , Its not always easy to find them once after we followed and its difficult to find them from our thousands of followers. but

If You want to remove Spam from your account you can try these simple steps to kill spam and clean your timeline.

1. Unfollow or block accounts of users with special characters in their names or their name appears blank ( not username)

( This is the most common spam technique being used. They use special characters as username because we could not search their names in search box and those symbols are not readily available on our keyboard and we ignore usernames with blank names its very difficult to identify them )

2. Some spammers add spelling mistakes intenationally in their username ex. @HiIariousbabies
When we search them we try to search the correct word in their username like “Hilariousbabies”
And we could not able to find the exact spam account to block.

3. Use Applications Like Ubersocial Pro and Janetter so we can mute the spam accounts easily, but sometimes these functions won’t work properly so its better to find and block spam accounts manually.

4. Add spam accounts into lists if its necessary to follow them but we could skip their tweets

5. Usually Spammers won’t tweet personally, they Re-tweet again and again so unfollow those accounts.

6. Read bio and check the nature of tweets they do before following any user so we can make sure it is used for personal use.

7. Never Reply to DM s Which look like advertisements.

8. Think before following Accounts Like Facts, Quotes, News They Tweet continuously and it could flood your timeline. Add Them Into lists if necessary.

9. Try to avoid Hashtags like #TeamFollowBack , #FollowBackSure because ultimately their intention is spamming us.

10.Report Spam On Twitter and Let twitter remove the spam accounts.

I hope these 10 Steps could help you remove spammers.

Always Think Its not the number of tweets or followers but its the quality of tweets which makes an account or a person Unique.

Follow These Steps , Clean Your Timeline #KillSpam

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