What Made The People of Nepal Say Go Home Indian Media ?


I was wondering why i am writing another blog post regarding the fail of our Indian media.

I am not a media hater but to be honest i am not a big fan too. I believe in the Power Of People to change the world by media, that is what hapenning right now after the tremendous growth of social medias.

My previous posts were regarding The pathetic hashtag #WeWontGiveItBack by indian cricket fans and the next was about the hate campaigns against Internet.org (in the name of Net Nutrality ). You can check those articles here in my Blog. both of these incidents were showed our narrow mindedness and blind support to fake campaigns going in todays Indian media.

#GoHomeIndianMedia is trending in Nepal with more than 60,000+ tweets regarding the insensitive coverage of indian media from Nepal.

Some tweets are like this..

Prasanna KC @KC_Prasanna
An indian news reporter to a mother who’s learnt her only son has been buried under their house.

Q. How do you feel?


— Joy (@Joydas)

There r Journos who have gone to Nepal to cover Disaster. There r Journos who have gone to do PR for Dear Leader. The latter shamed India

What made the people in Nepal say the the same, when the country hit by the worst earth quakes in 8 decades moreover they are in a great need of their neighbouring countries help.

Everyone in India saw what happened in india after Nepal Earthquake, here quake hapened was not in earth but in our media.

Everyone was excited that they got an amazing opportunity to show their social commitment to their friends via Facebook and twitter.

Everyone was celebrating it with #PrayForNepal posts and one of the biggest publicity stunt was announcing them “SAFE” on Facebook even from thousands of miles away from Nepal and other affected areas.

Peoples from Nepal saying that Indians seeing it as “Public Relation Excercise” and slamming our media as they are reporting incidents like shooting “Family Serials”

Indians and Sympathy Culture


Why is our media is so much interested to give maximum coverage of the affected areas from Nepal ?

Because they know “Sympathy” works here in india,most of the people in india tune their Tvs and Social Accounts for Sympathy Stories.
They celebrate Sympathy even if its Rape ,Natural Calamities, Accidents even typical TV Serials. They are pouring sympathy everywhere ,

Our media went to Nepal not because we are out of new subjects to report but most them are not attractive or people here are not interested in reporting such important stories.
Like life in Slums, our Agriculture Growth etc..
We all think that it is for Doordarshan we are more interested in Sensations, Trends, Sympathy Stories, Violence …etc..

I have a great request to my fellow Indians,
Its great that you show sympathy and kindness towards the people who needs our help while they are in great danger.
And everyone is seeing competition between us and china in rescue mission
but moreover that irritating people in Nepal by fake and pointless media attention and taking advantage from their tragic stories for TRP’s will bring a great shame for us in front of global media.

And Its not acceptable to do RESCUE for public attention so
no one needs your sympathy they want help not sympathy.

There are reports that some channels from india requested people in Nepal to say “Jai Modigi” to show their support to Narendra Modi and some medias filming the incidents while not take part in rescue mission.

However some have pointed out Indian medias spotlight on the calamity actually helped drive Global attention in rescue efforts.


A tweet says..

” Thanks to tons of reporters who came Nepal to rescue planes of india. You took a seat where a victim could be transported to hospital/ health camps.”

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[Thanks to The Hindu Newspaper, Dnaindia.com ]


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