World Is Waiting For A New #SmartFlipPhone Era

What is A Flip/Clamshell Phone ?


The flip or clamshell is a mobile phone form factor which is in two or more sections that fold via a hinge. If the hinge is on a long edge the device is more likely to be called clamshell than flip phone (e.g.,
Nokia Communicators).
The clamshell form factor is most closely associated with the mobile phone market, as Motorola used to have a trademark on the term “flip phone”, but the term “flip phone” has become genericized to be used more frequently than “Clamshell” in colloquial speech.

Flip phones was never went out of style, still people are ordering available models from shopping websites, and try to grab old feature phones in this category.

There is a large fan following for Flip phones in U.S, Japan, and China but the truth is after the feature phone era Smartphones has take over the place of Flip Phones so only a few manufacturers are now making flip phones, in india Kenxinda ,Jivi,Alcatel etc.. are distributing Mobile phones with Flip Form factors ,which are available via Shopping website like Snapdeal.

Comeback of Flip Phones On 2014

Late 2014 saw a return of flip phones thanks to celebrities like Rihanna, Kate Beckinsale and Anna Wintour .Reasons for their return was for their simple nature, being lightweight and their ability to fit in pockets due to their smaller size. Celebrities, though, turned to flip phones for privacy reasons, such as to avoid nude “selfies ” being leaked online by hackers through smartphones


Advantages of Flip Phones over Bar Form Factor

When you flip closed the phone into its standby state you’ll be struck at how tiny it is! This makes it truly pocket-size,
In today’s age where smartphones are going from phone to phablet, with screen sizes of approaching 6 to 7″ it is refreshing to be able to have a phone that won’t weight you down.


Not only is a flip phone conveniently small when closed, but it’s also strong and rugged. Its sensitive screen and buttons are hidden by the casing until it is opened up, and this makes them perfect for folks who are looking for rugged use.


If you’re a person who needs a simple phone for staying in touch with family and friends, and little else, then a smartphone is neither going to fit your needs, or budget. Seniors, for instance, will love the simple layout and keypad of flip style phones, as they probably won’t like the confusion of being faced with Android OS and its many apps.

A flip phone’s keypad is on the inside of its casing, and so when the phone is closed and in your pocket it is impossible to accidentally dial numbers. Sometimes other phones can accidentally dial out as you’re moving, which costs you money.

The characteristic ‘flip mechanism’ also serves as a way to answer calls, or end them.


Consider the shape of a flip phone. When it’s in use the speaker part is right against your ear, and this makes it easier to hear. Some of today’s bar or smartphones are either too large or too small to comfortably hold in this position where the speaker can be next to your ear, and this can mean that using them in loud environments, such as a shopping mall, or building site, could lead to difficulties in hearing the person on the other end of the line.

Idea Of A Smart Flip Phone

This is a new term which means flip phones which adapts all features from smartphone.
In Todays scenario if Major O.S like Android and Windows are available in Flip/Clamshell Form Factor people will surely grab it.
In 2015 LG and
Samsung has come up with Two Flip phone models but they were not budget friendly and was only exclusively available in few countries.

Actually alot of smartphone users are bored by the usual bar form factor that is used in todays smartphones.
And the great style factor of flip phones make them very excite to use.

Television Serials like Sex and The Ciry has inspired alot people to use flip phones for their personal use,
Many People are nowdays shows great interest to keep two phones, one stylish phone for their usual calls and texting and another one for Internet Browsing and other smart features, if any cellphone manufacture comes with Flip phones with Android or Windows it will be surely successful and people will choose Smart Flip Phones with great style over normal smartphones because they don’t need to carry two phones they will get best of the both worlds in a single Smart Flip Phone


Dear Manufacturers,
Its Time to give a second life for Flip Phones, You Can’t pretend not to see the tremendous Need From Flip Phone Lovers all over the world, so start make a budget friendly Smart Flip Phone soon.
We are waiting for it.

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