Five New Features That We Would Like to See on Facebook Web Version


1.Minimalist Design

I am not sure how many years before facebook has changed its theme. well, we have saw some minor changes anyway like adding “cover photo” but facebook’s is not very user friendly like it looks like it  filled with lots of icons most of them are rarely used but its mobile app  seems more interesting and user friendly,

i would like to see a new Minimalist  Theme including only essential buttons and i want rest of them which are rarely used to be hidden, or give users to customize the number of options which are displayed in our homepage.

2. Hide Comments By Default

Many of us are annoyed by the un-wanted comments on our newsfeed ( comments), which are displayed by default in some pages. I feels like it looks very boring or irrelevant because many of them are obviously hatespeech,spam, we need an option to display or hide comments on newsfeed.

3. Add “Profile Viewers” Button

There are some un-official applications exists to see who viewed our profile ( are they genuine) but i think it is necessary or we have the right to see who all are visiting us or it could be effectively use to prevent spying on us,

4.Option to Choose Between Newsfeed of Friends and Pages

Newsfeed  sometimes seems really  boring because it is filled with usual spam and posts from your favourite friends. So if there is an option to choose between two we could easily select one of them. and it will make our newsfeed more interesting.

5.Add ”Dislike” Button

Facebook has changed our lives forever. Everyone is enjoying their time with it but we know many of them are using it for hate speech,racism,boring selfies (every minutes), If facebook allows its users to express their ”Likes” they have the right to express their ”Dislikes” too so many users want a ”Dislike” button even we can see active campaigns on this topic in facebook itself ( like youtube have ) if they add it people dont need to waste their time on comment box to show their dislikes rather they could easily press ”Dislike” .


I hope you agree the above features i have mentioned, if you  have any suggestions or views please feel freeto put it in the comment box below and share it if you like..

Twitter : @Bovasjt


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