Could Change Blogging Scene In India Forever

image is the new player in indian online market. Its a new online startup like Flipkart, Amazon, Quikr, Paytm etc..
It helps to connect between bloggers and brands. Nowadays people depends on internet and smartphone for each and everything like shopping, ticket booking, payments.
Growth of telecom networks and smartphones has boosted this trend.

After the arrival of Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites peoples
are fearlessly taking strong stand on various social issues and they express it via online . Before Facebook and twitter Blogs were the major digital space for people to express their ideas and art.

Still blogging is very relevant among netizens who actively try to react and express their various views on social issues . People consider blog very seriously because bloggers are a group of enlightened people who take fearless and open stand towards many issues which are
un-recognized or rejected by the general media because of their hidden partiality or lack of sensationalism in the subject.

WordPress and Blogspot are the two free major blogging platforms available rightnow, you could even register your own domain with WordPress by an annual payment.

Many Indian bloggers are posting their original contents every day, they keep updating it with new topics and the strange fact is that all these are without any income from it , their only satisfaction is the response from their readers. Their thirst to educate people drives them to write new posts everyday.
But, a few bloggers are aware of how to make income from their readership ,effectively by using services like adsense of Google.


This is where Blogmint.Com makes it mark by connecting bloggers with various brands in india and give awareness to thousands of bloggers about how to make income from their dedication and talent towards their blog . Same time this is a great opportunity for companies because the blog readers are a large number of people which is not utilized completely by any advertising agencies yet. So they also get a major advantage to connect with a large auience.

My Recently Started WordPress blog BovasJohn.WordPress.Com is also reaching to a few number of people through social medias even within few months of its debut . If you are a talented person, who writes and if you have very strong views Blogmint gives you a chance to make income from your blog.


You could register and join any available campaigns in the site and you have the freedom to decide your payment to promote a brand, and you could apply for available campaigns if they are intersted they will mail you ,everything is smooth and transparent, they have a wonderfur mobile friendly website too.

Suggestions To Blogmint

If you are an employee of Blogmint
I have few more suggestions to make Blogmint even more better.

1. Add option to interact between bloggers.

2.Promote featured posts and topics , so it give recognition to bloggers. publishers could also reach into more potential blogs.

3. Its better to show random featured blogs in the site so its easy to find good new bloggers.

4. Include more advertising agencies or brands.

5. A dedicated Smartphone application for Blogmint would be great for easy use for both bloggers and publishers.

I Hope you enjoyed my post..
Go and register your blog on right now,and start make money from it..


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