Interview With Cdr.Abhilash Tomy Where He Opens Up About His Journey,Faith and How The Legendary Voyage On Mahdei Has Changed Him.


Today Is a very memorable day in my life , as a Blogger
I’ve got an amazing opportunity to talk with
Commander Abhilash Tomy, the first Indian, to complete a solo, unassisted, non-stop circumnavigation under sail .

We talked about the Journey, his Faith and Favourite Books .He explained me how the Legendary Voyage has Ultimately lead him to an Inner Transformation.

Here you can read the complete interview..

★ Sir,As a Malayali We feel Proud on you. Now What do you Think , after the jouney as a common man to the Top of the world?

It is understandable when people think that the journey changed me from a common man to someone “on top of the world”. To be honest, all that is visible to an outsider is the challenge and hardships that I faced and the adulations and awards that came with success.

For me, the voyage was significant for the inner transformation that it caused. The inner transformation was so great that that outwardly success seems too insignificant. I treasure my voyage for that.

★ Sir ,I came to know that In the adventorous days of Mahdei reading was one of your hobby..are you an active reader since the childhood? Who is your favourite writer and books ?

I have been a voracious reader since childhood. I could never be without a book!

Gabriel Marquez is my most favourite author. My most favourite book has to be One Hundred Days of Solitude. I have read a variety of writers writing in science fiction to historical studies to fiction to humour to what not.

★ Sir,Is there any particular person that you wanna mention who inspired you for this wonderful journey.? i mean your friend , family member, colleague, or any super heros?

There are a few of them. The first names that come to my mind are Cdr Dilip Donde (India’s first solo circumnavigator) , Adm Manohar Awati (mentor of the project), Ratnakar Dandekar (boatbuilder), Sir Robin Knox-Johnston (world’s first non stop and solo circumnavigator).

★ Sir could you please share us about one of your most wonderful memory in mahdei?

I treasure every moment I spent on the boat. I think one of the most wonderful memory I would treasure would be rounding of Cape Horn on our Republic Day and hoisting the National Flag on the boat.

★ Sir, i am very interested to know about your spiritual views. the lonely days in mahdei has made you a believer in god ? do u think that the faith in god is a necessary factor in achieving impossible things. what are your views on this ?

I have become very spiritual, and my understanding and concept of God has undergone a drastic change during the voyage. If you have absolute faith in God, you won’t have to attempt impossible things. But attempting the impossible in a way puts you closer to God.


★ I have read about many practical difficulties that you have over came during the legendary journey in sea  but when you came back in your homeland, kerala you have faced more harder “media onslaught ” I feel sorry for  our in sensitive reporting culture ? What do you wanna say about it?

I never said that our media has been insensitive.

I had spent 5 months at sea alone. I knew that once I came back there would be a lot of media interest. But I never expected it to be on such a large scale. The term “media onslaught” was used in a positive way.

I am happy the media did its best to talk about the voyage and spread news about it.

★ Today ,people are trying alot to proclaim even  their small achievements , via social networking sites. But even after the great welcome by our president on India gate after completing the journey you have decided to came to kerala very simply   , and you have a very down to earth personality. How can you  live so simply?

Like I said, the voyage caused a lot of inner transformation in me. The external world is of a little lesser consequence now. If a person abandons his simplicity, there is nothing more to him than what he chooses to show.

★ Sir What will Be your next big aim ? and What advice you wanna give to the young readers who want to be successful in their life?

I have plans! I will talk about them when I am ready to.

For those who want to succeed— “never give up, keep investing in yourself”

★ Sir ,thank you for your time and i salute you for your big success and more than that you are an amazing human being, finally please tell us about your family?

Thanks! My family comprises my parents and a younger brother. My father was a naval officer and my mother a home maker. My brother is in New Zealand.

Thank You Sir ,For Spending your valuable time with us.



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